Peter H. Hoffman
9 Ladbroke Road
Greenville, SC 29615-2822


Peter Hoffman — Owner

Custom software development and data migration services.  Negotiated an agreement with Website Pipeline to provide data migration services to their clients who need an outside consultant.

When Website Pipeline sells an ecommerce system to a customer, the customer has responsibilities that may exceed their available resources. I close that gap. Those responsibilities include:

  • Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL)
  • Image Naming, Cropping, and Sizing
  • Training and Documentation
  • Project Management

Tools used include: Excel, Cygwin (a Linux-like environment for Windows which provides tools such as bash, sed, cut, perl, etc), FastStone Photo Resizer, SQLite3, and others.

OneCare LLC — Software Architect

Responsible for product delivery.  Short term duties included architect, project management, business analyst, build master, mentor, and hands-on developer.

Managed a development team using C# and MVC 3 in a virtual agile development environment. Oversaw the importation of an existing code base into Team Foundation Server with gated check-ins and nightly builds.  Began retrofitting Test Driven Development to that code base after evaluating NUnit and Microsoft’s Unit Testing Framework.  Evaluated and documented DotNetOpenAuth for integration into OneCare’s code.

WebsitePipeline — Technical Account Manager

Project Manager of up to twenty simultaneous e-commerce projects with values ranging from $15,000 to $75,000+ each. Account Manager for each project post-completion; tasked with maintaining a positive relationship with the customer and selling project add-ons. 

Each project includes the following phases which are run in parallel: (1) the base implementation of WebsitePipeline's proprietary e-commerce system, (2) integration with Sage's MAS 90/200 or 500 ERP system, (3) custom development of enhancements, (4) custom design of the website's appearance, and (5) assisting the customer with the importation of required supplemental data that is not available in MAS.

During the course of the project it is necessary to manage/coordinate multiple developers, designers, and outside vendors while maintaining control of the customer's perceptions.

Independent Consultant

Worked with a variety of individuals on several efforts to raise capital for the purpose of creating a company with the mission of developing and implementing an automation / integration platform for the healthcare industry.

eLifeCare Enterprises — CTO

Led the development of a consolidated medical record which uses biometric identification to safely merge patient records into a single lifetime view, regardless of the source of those records.  The proof-of-concept was implemented in eight weeks by building on DotNetNuke using C#.

Wrote an X12N 270 / 271 Eligibility gateway (XML / EDI) in PHP for use until BizTalk was implemented.  This gateway enabled our application with its native XML API to communicate with various payors via clearinghouses that only supported the X12N EDI protocols.

Managed the creation of a .NET based healthcare integration platform comprising over 320,000 lines of code. This platform was being implemented at three development partner sites (a hospital, a clinic, and an independent practice) in SC.  Functionality included: biometric patient identification, eligibility check, determination of patient obligation, advanced payment to provider, provider portal, patient portal, administrator portal, personal health record (PHR), and the automation of third party applications.

Spearheaded a team delivering integrated healthcare applications and consulting services. Portfolio of products includes: Greenway Medical’s PrimeSuite, HealthWatch’s HEAL, MDTablet’s EMR, MedStar Systems’ MedStar, NextGen’s EMR, and SRS’s Easy EMR. Customers include an eight clinic practice in GA, a three location oncology practice in FL, a large multi-specialty clinic in SC, and an orthopedic practice in FL.

IBM / IGS — Consultant and Open Source Software Lead, Linux Services Practice, Americas

Personally managed $150M of business in 2002 for customers including Fortune 100s and the Federal government.

In the area of complex opportunities, responsibilities included: working trade shows; consulting; solution configuration; systems assurance review; contract creation; management of - procurement, integration, testing, and delivery services; billing release; and overall customer satisfaction. In two years over 250 opportunities were handled and up to 12 simultaneous projects were personally managed. Also created intellectual capital in the areas of configuration management and Linux desktops.

Larger customers included: ExxonMobil, General Electric, Chevron-Texaco, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Freddie Mac, DuPont, Lockheed-Martin, and Phillips Petroleum.

As "IBM Open Source Software Lead for the Americas", provided advice on software licensing issues. Co-founded the "IBM Open Source Community of Practice".

OpenSourcerers — President

Founded OpenSourcerers, a web application development company focused on open source software (Linux / BSD, Apache, MySQL / PostgreSQL, PHP, and others). Expanded the company to become a reseller of systems and software for JBSi and for ChipCo. Refined company strategy to focus on integrating various open source products into business solutions.

ICL International Banking Products, Inc. — Manager of Systems, Networks, and Releases

ICL IBP was a fully owned subsidiary of Fujitsu-ICL, headquartered in the UK; as such they followed British terminology for position titles. In U.S. terminology this position would be equivalent to CIO or VP of Systems, Networks, and Production.

Total responsibility for systems, networks, and quality assurance. Provided leadership, technical vision, support services, and quality control guidance to this division. Implemented ISO-9000 industry standard quality assurance program. Implemented Linux on a variety of servers to provide functionality such as: file and printer sharing (SMB) and UUCP.

Products developed, implemented, and sold include business application software now a core component of Fujitsu-ICL's LifeStyle banking.

Provided technical support to the VP of Sales and Marketing to close sales. Successful examples include: Mutual Bank of the Caribbean (Barbados), National Commercial Bank (Jamaica), PTC (Zimbabwe), People's Own Savings Bank (Zimbabwe), and Romanian Bank for Development (Romania); the largest project was valued at $45 million.

Designed and instituted a new web-enabled license enforcing system which increased revenues by 30%.

IBANK Systems — Manager of Systems & Networks

Reported to the acting President and VP of Sales and Marketing. Held corporate wide responsibility for systems and networks. Provided technical sales assistance. Responsible for technical input for RFPs.

Established and managed IT department of a startup company developing banking software. Responsible for infrastructure creation from concept to full operation. This involved technology decisions, hiring staff, negotiating purchase and support contracts, implementing projects, and providing on-going support. Department grew 600% in 12 months.

Company grew from one to nine major customers. Customers included Moscow Savings Bank (Russia), Suprimex (Russia), Chelind Bank (Russia), Mineral Bank (Bulgaria), Romanian Bank for Development (Romania), PTC (Zimbabwe), People's Own Savings Bank (Zimbabwe), Mutual Bank of the Caribbean (Barbados), National Commercial Bank (Jamaica), and Caisse Populaire (Canada).

State of South Carolina — Scientific Programmer

Responsible for the effective use of over $250,000 of super computer time. Administered Internet connected Unix systems and networks supporting over 100 users. FORTRAN developer working on climate models and related tools. Wrote control software in C for a custom CGI/VTR recording system.

Gaea Corporation — Owner

Founded Gaea Corporation, a pre-paid fee-based company providing curb-side pick of recyclable materials for homes and businesses. Additional revenues came from selling the collected materials. The State newspaper published two articles about Gaea Corporation during August of 1990.

NCR — PIB Test Technician

Responsible for improving 3rd shift productivity over 880% by analyzing workflow and creating new procedures to minimize wasted motion while testing components. Saved the company over $2,500,000 per year by diagnosing and fixing a basic design flaw in the Mass Storage Controller unit that was causing failures in the field due to thermal instabilities. Trained new employees.  Wrote QA reports.  Diagnosed and repaired 680x0 Tower (UNIX) systems at the chip level using multitrace logic analyzers and assembler.  Operated 333E fault finder.


Committed Bidder Auction - A Committed Bidder Auction is a system and a process that is an alternative to an English Auction. In a Committed Bidder Auction, one or more of the unsuccessful bidders is obligated to pay some amount, a fraction of their final and largest bid. The “Dollar Auction” well known to game theorists and management students, is a special case, but it is extremely harsh to participants and so has little commercial applicability. The present invention both generalizes the prior art and provides gentler specific forms of the Committed Bidder Auction, which have potential for generating significant revenue.

Patent applied for #11/216,737


South Carolina State College, Orangeburg South Carolina — B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology, Magna Cum Laude
Midlands Technical College, Columbia South Carolina — A.S. Electrical Engineering Technology, Magna Cum Laude

PHP 5 - score 3.66 / 4.50 (advanced), percentile: 71
Project Management - score: 4.06 / 4.50 (advanced), percentile: 99

Prove It!
PHP 4 - score: 90%

Certified Master Apache 1.3.12 Administration
Certified Master HTML 3.2
Certified Master HTML 4.0
Certified Master Linux Administration (RedHat)
Certified Master PHP 4

Informix, Atlanta Georgia & Tampa Florida
Archiving INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server
Managing and Optimizing INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server Databases
INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server Performance Tuning
INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server System Administration