First Post!

The subject line is trite and clichéd but the content here will not be! :-)

I will be sharing what I have learned about working with the Website Pipeline e-commerce system since 2009, starting with the (not so) dark mysteries of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Other topics will include things like how to work with large CSV files from a variety of sources while avoiding corrupted data, how to use the most important database fields of the thousands available in the Website Pipeline system, the best tools for bulk editing images, how to include PDFs as part of your web page (instead of a download), and whatever else people ask most about.

It is my intention to provide useful information while at the same time demonstrating the value we bring to a project via years of experience. It's one thing to be aware of something but it's entirely different to be able to use that knowledge correctly and at the right time.

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